Learn. Grow. Make impact.

We love to empower people who do things that make sense.Our labels Dutch Innovation Days, Technology on Stage, TecHeart and Innovation Bites offer a delicately curated mixture of science, technology, art and creativity

We love to do things that make sense, and empower the ones who do. With our events, tours, masterclasses and course we create opportunities for doers. Through curated transformative insights and unlikely but valuable connections we empower you to trailblaze towards highly needed change and make a real impact.

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Learn. Grow. Make impact.

Dutch Innovation loves to support you so you can make impact. Together with our partners and the experts we offer workshops and masterclasses on Visual Thinking, Datastrategy Co-creation and AI & You. We very much like to work with you to rethink your business, implementing an innovative culture or boostig your startup.
With our Dutch Innovation events and curated tours to innovation hubs and events in The Netherlands, Europe and accross the Atlantic we offer inspiration, insights and unlikely but valuable connections. For you to make impact.

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Meet us at Dutch Innovation Days, Technology on Stage and Innovation Bites. Or create your own event together with us.


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Join us on inspiration tours to innovation hubs, events and hotspots in The Netherlands, Europe and USA.
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Grow with the insights and experiences from experts to boost your team, skils and vision.


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Work with innovators, creatives, producers, marketeers and project leaders to create impact.

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