TecHeart: Afterparty


Another excellent reason to visit Dutch Innovation Days is the already renowned TecHeart After Party. With a delightful lineup where technology and art collide in unique ways.

Headline act is Colin Bender (previously known as Kyteman). Sole but far-from-lonely emperor of a monster 243-module rack, genre-unbound sound explorer, modular mad scientist to the bone, call him whatever you like it's a fact: Dutch wave-tumbler Colin Benders defies the conventions of so easily tag-slapped electronics as much as his music confronts gravity itself.

All your senses are challenged by the music of DJ Angie Mill, the visuals of The C-men, the fusion of man and robot with Daniel Simu and refreshing insights into VR from Black Brick researchers.

TecHeart is ignited with the support of our partners Baseflow and KITT Engineering.

Thursday May 11

Friday May 11

Saturday May 11


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Colin Benders
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Daniel Simu


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Friday May 12
- 0:30
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