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Picture it: soaring through the galaxy, floating weightlessly among the stars, and witnessing the beauty of our universe from a whole new perspective. That's the life that Anna Gimbrére, a physicist, science journalist, TV presenter and future astronaut, dreams of, and she's determined to make it a reality.

Anna will take us to the stars to educate us about the waste problem in the universe. Watch her ‘zoom in and out’ on stage or visit her Wunderkammer. Waste management is a major issue in the universe, as the increasing amount of waste generated by human activities and industrial processes is affecting the health of our own planet and the planets of others! Together, we can find a solution.

Thursday May 11

Friday May 11

Saturday May 11


Physicist, science journalist, TV presenter and author

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Anna Gimbrère


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Friday May 12
- 12:45

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