Nature as the Greatest CEO: 9 Success factors of ‘BV Natuur’


Nature: 4 billion years of sustainable R&D available for free

When you think of extraordinary innovations, you have to think of nature. Because the nature is the inspiration for innovations, like: efficient wind turbines based on humpback whales, self-managing teams inspired by starlings, a kingfisher look alike high-speed train, and organisms survival strategies as business strategies.

Who knows best of what works and what doesn't than a business running for almost 4 billion years? Nature of course. The list of her clever innovations is virtually endless. Your challenges also have equivalents in nature (yes, they do), so get inspired by the greatest innovator of all: nature.This is just the tip of the iceberg, and to get all the insights about this topic, join Ylva Poelman at DID.

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Author and innovation-expert, that has helped many organizations inject biomimicry into their DNA.

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Ylva Poelman


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Thursday May 11
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