Get lost

All venues are located in less than a 5 minute walk in the heart of the city of Enschede.


Be the first to learn on Music Thinking, Get ignited by the Cloud experts from Google and immersive yourself in the world of Drones, VR, XR, AR, New Materials, The future of Building and 3D-printing

Visit the creative breading ground Connect-U in just 5 minute walk from the Expo.


Here is where the magic happens. 2000 square meters of immersive installations where tech, nature and art collide. With works from bio-artistst, startups, climate-fighters, AI-geeks and many many more.

Located 3 minutes from the Oude Markt.



Here is were you meet the game changers. Get ignited by game changers and their mind blowing new perspectives on technology, art, society, and nature. Get to know what drives the curious minds.

The Challenger Stage is located in the cosy Arthouse Movie theatre Concordia, next to bar/restaurant SamSam. The left door is yours. The stage is located on the ground floor.


Get ready for change. Where do ideas come from and how do we execute them? Meet the frontrunners and learn how they think and act when creating unthinkable things for a better world.


The Collision Stage is located in Theatre Kleine Willem in the Langestraat. Keep an eye on some green men on the roof and you’ll find it in a 1,5 minute walk from the church.


Reimagine the future. What is really happening behind the curtains of industry, government and science? Experts ‘off the record’ share their honest and uncensored thoughts in the intimate and open atmosphere of DID.

The Insider Stage is not to be missed. Just enter the church in heart of the square surrounded by the best bars and restaurants of the city.


Don’t miss a thing!