Laying bricks with AI in 1 second

Designing a house in one second. Impossible you think? Well, with AI nothing is! Today we successfully wrapped up our first AI workshop with tech-expert Alexander Klöpping. The Dutch Innovation Organization hosted an immersive learning experience for architects, GC’s and installation technicians. The atmosphere was electric, and the participants were actively exchanging ideas, asking questions, and sharing their experiences.

At first glance you probably would not  think that the world of bricks and cement has anything to do with artificial intelligence. Alexander proved this wrong as he created a love story between bricks and AI, and showed how this is transforming the industry.

Friend or foe?
A friend, says Peter Oosterwijk in this weekends Tubantia: It is not a question if we should use AI, because it is already an essential part of the industry. ‘An architect uses this as inspiration, rather than a magazine, book or previous design. You can also use AI (artificial intelligence, ed.) to, for example, calculate all the installations of an office building that is to be built.
Creative and open space, like these workshops, are key. You don’t want to miss our next workshop where you’ll leave with valuable skills and knowledge that you can apply to your work. You also make new connections with like-minded professionals and be part of a community that’s shaping the future of AI.’

How does AI impact your industry?

In the coming weeks, Alexander will host more workshops. Then on education, medtech and ict. Interested? Apply here! Alexander will present the results of the sessions at the Dutch Innovation Days 2023, 11-12-13 May in Enschede.

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