Expo It's in our Nature
+ Wunderkammers

Imagine nature as an inventor. Can fungi, bacteria and new materials help us to create better world. How can we stretch the laws of physics. We welcome you to the Expo: It's in our Nature. Your playground of technology, art and creativity.
Discover the Wunderkammers hidden in the city
What if you could step inside someone's mind? Well, now you can! Find out where good ideas come from in our Wunderkammers. Hidden in the center of Enschede, 6 rooms will be filled with the dreams and visions of the pioneers and gamechangers of our time. Curated with the bright minds that shape the 21th century.


It's in our Nature


2000 square meters of technology and art is your playground to experience the origin of ideas. Inspired by nature or a solutions to problems in nature. Meet the intelligence and creativity of bio-designers, AI artists, tech geeks and scientists with groundbreaking innovations. Immerse yourself in the expo; It’s in our Nature

The Life of Robots

Wunderkammer curated by Edwin Dertien

What is life? Biology tells us a different story than technology. How would a day look like in a world where robots are integrated in our lives? Meet Edwin Dertien and his family of robots. Showcasing various scenes from our daily lives – in this wunderkammer, you will experience how fun, usefull and joyful robots can be. Technology starts here!


The Bullshit of Milk

Wunderkammer curated by Hille van der Kaa

Many systems we have build are Bullshit, but this one literally is. Feel, see, smell, and understand the dairy industry  in the wunderkammer, created by Hille van der Kaa. But what if we could make milk without cows? Meet Margret, a new system that awaits. Discover how Margret turns grass into the creamy cheese we all love. You will be triggered to rethink even the most fundamental things of our lives.


City Temple

Wunderkammer curated by Bas van Abel

Escape the chaos and find yourself in a temple created by Bas van Abel. Discover your true self and what really matters. A room of solitude. Clean, calm, and warm without any distractions. With purposely places tools that tickle your senses – the unexplainable feeling of home and trust is established. You leave the room feeling newborn and ready to conquer the world.


How would the future look if broken systems are fixed?

Wunderkammer curated by Carlijn Kingma

It’s time to burn the systems. We live in a world full of broken systems that need to be burned. Witness the utopia of planet earth, through facinating maps by Carlijn Kingma. Take a step inside heaven in a room where ideas are born.

The World of AI

Wunderkammer curated by Alexander Klöpping

Will AI support or take your job? Witness the future of technology unfold before your very eyes! Tech-journalist and entrepreneur Alexander Klöpping will showcase the power of AI that is transforming industries. Find out the transformation of Twente’s biggest industries: MedTech, Construction, Education and ICT.


Zoom out!

Wunderkammer curated by Anna Gimbrère

Fasten your sealtbelt, for a journey into the universe, with Science journalist Anna Gimbrère. This room will guide you through the fastness of space. While laying on your back you discover our planet from afar as you slowly observe the veins of cities as you get closer.