Winner 2023 - Bram Nauta

What is the Dutch Innovation Award?

We are thrilled to announce that the Dutch Innovation Days on May 11th and 12th will feature the prestigious Dutch Innovation Award! This award is intended to honor a scientist, thinker, artist, entrepreneur, creative, or connector who embodies a pioneer spirit and serves as a role model for innovation and technological progress. The award also recognizes the work of the individual, which is used by the whole world on a daily basis.


The jury consists of:
Miriam Luizink (Supervisory Board Zeton, Phion, CITC),
Jaap Beernink (CEO Novel-T, Supervisory Board Techleap)
and Arlette Kerkhof (Expert/head of program Creative Entrepreneurship at Utrecht School of the Arts).

The jury brings together the disciplines of art, science, technology and entrepreneurship. The jury looks at pioneers who have changed the rules of the game, created an entirely new game and contributed to collaborative innovation with far-reaching impact.

Bram Nauta

Nauta's groundbreaking work in chip technology has gained global recognition. He focuses on faster, more efficient, and smaller circuits, driven by their transformative potential. Despite not profiting financially, Nauta remains dedicated to his mission. Nauta values individuals with technical expertise and creative thinking. He emphasizes the need for effective education to nurture these qualities. Student appreciation fills him with pride.

A Pioneer for Pioneers

The Dutch Innovation Award not only recognizes the technical and scientific ones skills of Bram Nauta, but also his personality, his vision and his drive to collaborate on a national scale. His invention has changed the world and has us the ability to communicate wirelessly in an energy-efficient manner. Bram Nauta is a role model for pioneers who push the boundaries of the possible.


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