A Fascinating Dive into AI with Alexander Klöpping

Alexander Klöpping

In the second edition of the podcast, we are hosting the brilliant mind of Alexander Klöpping, as we delve into the intriguing world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Join us as we explore both the positive and negative aspects of AI, unraveling its countless possibilities and discussing the future of technology. Alexander, an expert in the […]

TecHeart Afterparty

What happens in Enschede does not stay in Enschede – because the magic needs to be shared with the world. After 2 full days of eye-candy and provoking the brain in our Talks, Expo Workshops and Meet-ups, in the night Friday 12th of May all was let loose at the official Dutch Innovation Days afterparty: […]

A cloud of innovation above Enschede

On Tuesday 11th and Friday 12th of May three stages in Enschede were stormed by facination, innovation, creativeness and eagerness. Concordia, De Kleine Willem and the Grote Kerk turned into the breeding ground were the speakers and visitors planted the seeds that will better our world. Our phenomenal lineup of speakers captivated the audience, sharing […]

Meet Our Founding Partners

We are thrilled to introduce our Fouding Partners that help us prosper and help Dutch Innovation to shine. Demcon, a leading hightech corporate with over 1000 employees in multiple countries and headquartered in Enschede. Baseflow, a fast-growing global ict-startup building complex software and platforms. And the University of Twente, the most entrepreneurial university in the Netherlands with […]

Discover Your Next Step at #DID23

Fasten your seatbelts because this May an unforgettable ride takes place near you. The Dutch Innovation days are back and better than ever! Save your date for the 11 – 12 – and 13th of May and join the journey into the future of the world. For the third time Enschede will be transformed into […]

Get Moo-ving with Margaret!

We are proud to announce that DID will welcome a very special guest his year. Hosted in her very own Wunderkammer, Margaret tells us a clear message. It’s time to Mooo-ve on and change the way we think about food. But who is Margaret and what makes her special? Margaret is the world’s first stainless […]


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