Anna is Back!

Blast off into the world of astronomy and physics with science communicator and TV-personality Anna Gimbrère. Anna is no stranger to DID and she is back like she never left. This time Anna is taking you through a journey in space. But wait, there’s more…

To top things off and make this an experience to remember, you have a chance to literally take a step inside Anna’s brain in one of our Wunderkammers!

The Loveable Scientist

This power woman is truly a science-journalist in heart and soul. She appeared in over 17 tv-shows and is far from done. With a degree in theoretical physics, she is fascinated by our planet and everything surrounding it. Mix that with a passion for changing the world, and you’ve got a science pioneer that is ready to take the world by storm. By making boring and complex topics in science more accessible, Anna reaches out to a wide audience that love her talks.

Dare to Join?

Whether you’re a seasoned space explorer or just curious about the universe, this experience is truly one of a kind. So you better get ready for an epic journey to the stars! Take a first peek here.

And We’re Still Not Done Yet!

Together with Rob van Hattum, Anna is hosting the infamous ‘Nationale Wetenschapsquiz’ live on stage! Test your knowledge and find out the craziest facts in the Ultimate Science Quiz. Are you the daredevil that is joining us? We’ll see you on Friday May 12th | 14:45 – 15:30 at the Collision Stage

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