Dutch Innovation is about the doers who create change.

Dutch Innovation is the fast track to your next step. We are a passionate community of entrepreneurs, scientists and artists who share curiosity and the can-do mentality we need for a better world.

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No bullshit, an open mind, cross-over connections and innovation for a better world.

The gathering of bright minds at Dutch Innovation Days is the yearly clash of talents, worlds and ideas. Collisions where new perspectives and tangible concepts grow. Dutch Innovation Foundation wants to empower the ones who do things that make sense. We love and support creative, daring, brilliant and curious minds to innovate with impact for a better world.


Three stages, forty sessions and a line-up sixty five innovative speakers.

Dutch Innovation Days welcomes you to actively train, inspire and rewire your mind. Enschede hosts a city full of future shapers, doers and tinkerers who make tomorrow happen. Thursday May 11 and Friday May 12 our DID (un)conference is taking place in the heart of the city. Scientist, entrepreneurs, investors, artists and startups are taking over the city. 


Expo; It’s in our Nature + Wunderkammers.

Dutch Innovation Days will take place in  2 theatres in de heart of the City of Enschede with the Church as the Centre Court. All three days (May 11-13) the big Exhibition, titled “It’s in our Nature”, together with 6 Wunderkammers curated by Dutch Pionieers are open for you discover.


Workshops, demos, parties, meetups, unlimited side events and some serious dating.

What will de future bring? Participate in parries, workshops, meetups and demos of XR/VR, 3D, Business modelling, nature and science experiments and learn from the experts. Celebrate innovation at the DID official TecHeart-party, VIP & Partner meetups and Greet &Meets with our experts. Use our dating app to (pre-)date with speakers, peers, students, investors and experts.

The most wanted students.

With University of Twente, Delft University, University of Eindhoven and University of Wageningen, Saxion, HKU and ArtEZ partnering up the most eager, passionate, skilled and entrepreneurial students  join the Dutch Innovation Days. Meet the new generation as they challenge the status quo of technology and systems. Free tickets are available for students, on one condition; They have to apply tot join. Submissions are judged by our Advisory Board.

Expo; it’s in our nature.

Imagine nature as an inventor, unearthing new innovations from its mysteries and wonders. Dutch Innovation Days celebrates this interplay between nature and technology in a 2000 m2 exhibition. Displaying the origin of new innovation in interactive installations, AI-art, biotech materials, scientific breakthroughs and breathtaking design and concepts.


Immersive Wunderkammers.

Visit the brains of front runners, game changers and visionairs. The city of Enschede embraces seven wunderkammers filled with inspiration. Visit the wunderkammers curated by Carlijn Kingma, Bas van Abel, Anna Gimbrère, Alexander Klöpping, Edwin Dertien and Hille van der Kaa. Every Wunderkammer has it’s own team and is curated by its owner. The seven wunderkammers are hidden in unique places in the city center.

Our goals.

The goals of the Dutch Innovation Organisation:

Dutch Innovation Foundation

We empower the ones who do things that make sense.

We need better ideas to solve the challenges mankind faces. We believe creatives from different backgrounds, with different skillsets and personal drives should unite to create the biggest innovation power possible. Therefore we create a place they come together to meet, collide,  collaborate. Sharing their insights and thoughts whilst creating new and better solutions. Dutch Innovation Days ignites clashes of talent, worlds, expertise and ideas from where new perspectives and tangible concepts arise. Established in 2020 we connect you to a passionate community of entrepreneurs, scientists and artists who share curiosity, a can-do mentality in order to create a better world.


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